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The range of services of Fertility Center Berlin

On the following page we will provide you with answers regarding all questions about the treatment options at Fertility Center Berlin.

Stages of fertility treatment

Welche Stationen durchlaufe ich im Fertility Center Berlin? Und wie werde ich betreut?

What will my treatment at Fertility Center Berlin look like? How will I be taken care of?

Registration at Fertility Center BerlinWe will show you here the procedure of a typical fertility treatment at our facilities. We strive for you always to have a fixed contact partner - it is usually the doctor with whom you will have your initial discussion.

Initial discussion

Initial discussion

It is our goal to show you during the initial discussion with one of our doctors the range of possibilities of fertility treatment. We will discuss with you the reasons for unwanted childlessness, the numerous treatment options, the perspectives of success, possible risks as well as the financial aspects. During all of this it is very important for us to be able to care for you and advise you individually.

Your first appointment should whenever possible be scheduled together with your partner, because fertility treatment always concerns pairs.

One can set an appointment at Fertility Center Berlin via phone at +49 (0)30 233 2081 10, or by using the form on the contact page. It is important that you reserve a lot of time, please plan approx. one hour for the first meeting.

Bring along:


  • letter of referral from your gynaecologist (private patients require no letter of referral)
  • health insurance confirmation
  • if available, statements from your gynaecologist (i. e. periodic cancer examination, hormonal test results, medical reports)
  • questionnaire form filled in

Partner / husband

  • letter of referral from family doctor, urologist or gynaecologist (private patients require no letter of referral
  • health insurance confirmation
  • if available, statements from your urologist


After the first discussion a series of examinations will follow, beginning with an appointment to take a blood sample and for an ultrasound examination. The exact date depends on your cycle. The first cycle day is the first day of your regular bleeding.

An important hormone that should stand in the beginning of all examinations is the Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH)): using it one can measure the number of egg cells still present in the ovaries. This is important both to provide you with an estimation of your chances of getting pregnant, as well as to examine how much hormones you will require. Sadly, the costs of these hormone estimations are not covered by health insurance, however from the medical point of view they are required.

After this follow if other examinations if necessary. These include, among others, a physical examination, cycle diagnostics (ovulation), semen analysis (spermiogram) of the partner, fallopian tube diagnostics (function of the fallopian tubes), as well as hormonal and ultrasound examinations (clarification of egg development).

If needed, we will also transfer you to colleagues cooperating with us, to assist you and us in the search the for the reason: human geneticists, clotting specialists, urologists, Chinese medicine doctors, nutrition specialists and our two psychologists.

Stages of the treatment

Course of Treatment

The stages of the treatment vary depending on the reasons determined for your childlessness.


Hormonal stimulation

Stimulation of the ovaries begins on the second or third day of the cycle. A control ultrasound examination is undertaken afterwards in 6 to 8 days. When the follicle had grown to an optimum size, a release injection of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadothropin) is executed. 36 hours after this injection usually ovulation takes place. If intercourse is planned on, then it should take place 24-32 hours after the injection.

Insemination (semen transfer)

In case of insemination using the semen of the partner or a donor, the same preliminary treatment as in case of hormonal stimulation takes place. 24-32 hours after the release injection, the partner should provide their semen at Fertility Center Berlin. The preparation takes about 1,5 hours. In the end a normal gynaecological examination is executed, during which the semen is transferred to the uterine cavity via a small hose (intrauterine insemination).

IFV/ICSI treatment (in vitro fertilisation with or without micro-injection (ICSI) of the individual sperms into the egg cell)

IVF / ICSI-Behandlung (In-vitro-Fertilisation mit oder ohne Mikroinjektion (ICSI) von einzelnen Spermien in die Eizelle)

During an artificial insemination outside of the body involving the use of the so-called 'long protocol', first hormone-regulating drugs are taken between the 20. and 22. day of the cycle (in the form of nasal spray or an injection). The first examination then takes place 14 days later.

Alternatively stimulation starting on the 2nd or 3rd cycle day be executed, just like in case of hormonal stimulation.

After 8-9 days, a further control examination is executed. In order to determine the optimum follicle size, 2 to 3 days apart blood samples are taken and ultrasound examinations are conducted. When the optimum size is reached, ovulation is induced about at 22.00 in the evening.

The follicle punction (egg cell extraction) takes place 2 days later. Also on this day the partner provides their semen. The embryo transfer into the uterine cavity of the mother can then take place on the second day after egg cell extraction.

One can execute the first pregnancy test by blood examination already 14 days later. Thanks to the fact that Fertility Center Berlin has at their disposal large laboratory facilities, when the blood sample is taken in the morning, we can already give you the results in the afternoon. Please do not make any urine sample tests, because these can be misleading!

Ergebnis des Schwangerschaftstest

The result of the pregnancy test is given to you via phone by a doctor. If the results are positive, the examination is repeated two days later by a further blood test.

The further development of the pregnancy cannot, however, be forecast. Should the levels of the pregnancy hormone HCG rise well, then another ultrasound scan is conducted 14 days later; if the pregnancy develops correctly, then you will be transferred back for further pregnancy care to your regular gynaecologist.

Advice and treatment at Fertility Center Berlin



Our concept of fertility treatment

At the FCB you not only have the possibility to utilise all available modern forms of reproductive medicine. You also have here the option to discuss your desire to have children thoroughly, as well as its influence on your future life.

We know that unfulfilled desires to have children can present a heavy load on a relationship. The feeling of not being fertile is in many cases received as very grievous, and can be followed by self-doubt and doubts about the relationship altogether.

In order to receive additional psychological assistance, i. e. during a particular stage of your fertility treatment, or during pauses in the treatment, we will gladly make our psychologists available to you. These consultations can be paid for by the health insurance.


Our fertility treatment services

We treat all forms of sterility. For this purpose we provide the following fertility treatment services:

Partner advice regarding the desire to have children

Fertility diagnostic examinations for women

  • hormonal analyses
  • ultrasound examinations
  • examinations on genital organ inflammation
  • special examinations for women after multiple miscarriages (habitual abortions)
  • ultrasound examination of the fallopian tubes with contrast medium (Echovist)
  • examinations for genetic reasons for sterility of the woman or man (chromosome analysis) in cooperation with Dr. Schell-Apacik: Website


Fertility diagnostic examinations for men

  • semen analysis (spermiogram)
  • hormonal analyses
  • examination of the seminal fluid for inflammations and antibodies

Costs of treatment at Fertility Center Berlin


Statutorily insured pairs

In Germany, since January 1st, 2004, statutorily insured pairs have to provide an own contribution to the reproduction treatment. This requirement for a part of the cost transfer for these methods by the insurance fund is valid only for married couples. Both partners have to be over 25; the requirement ends when the woman passes the age of 40, and the man passes the age of 50.

Private patients and self-pay patients

Private patients and self-pay patients receive, depending on the therapy type, an individual cost estimation.

Note to privately insured patients

If the causer/originator of the sterility is privately insured, them all costs of fertility treatment are to be taken over by the private insurance fund of the causer/originator - even if the other partner is statutorily insured. This also pertains to unmarried couples, and covers an unlimited number of tries.

We will be glad to provide you with additional information about all these costs!

Legal advice regarding your fertility treatment

In cooperation with the law firm Eberlein

Thanks to new developments in health care, a kind of uncertainty had arisen regarding the services that health insurance funds cover. In case of problems or doubts legal advice regarding your pregnancy treatment might be recommendable. For this purpose we co-operate with the legal adviser office of Holger Eberlein.

Further information can be obtained from our employees. We will be happy to take your call!