Appointments for Fertility Center Berlin

Information Evenings & One-on-one Conversations

Every first Thursday of the month our free information evening will be held.
Here you have the opportunity to experience the practice rooms and our team, and to obtain basic information about the causes and treatment options for infertility. After a tour through the practice rooms and a short presentation, our doctors will be happy to answer your questions in a relaxed atmosphere.

If you decide to set an one-on-one conversation appointment with us, we are looking forward to talking to you in private atmosphere.

The Embryoscope with us

Since 2013 embryos can be observed in the Fertility Center Berlin with the Embryoscope. The embryoscope is an incubator with camera. Every 15 minutes 9 pictures of the egg cell/embryo are taken and thus the growth is continuously recorded in a time-lapse film. In standard culture, on the other hand, the oocytes and embryos may only be removed from the incubator once a day for inspection in order not to impair the culture conditions and thus the ability to develop. Therefore, the embryologist only has a snapshot to evaluate the embryo development.

If an equal number of embryos is cultivated in accordance with the liberal interpretation of the Embryo Protection Act, we achieve an increase in the pregnancy rate of approx. 5-8% per transfer through the use of embryoscopes, compared to the cultivation of the embryos in a standard incubator without camera. This corresponds to the international data situation.

Between 2013 and 2018, for example, we achieved a pregnancy rate of 51% after the return of two embryos in the embryoscope compared with 46% in the standard incubator and 42.9% after the return of only one embryo cultured in the embryoscope compared with 36.2% in the standard incubator.

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